Friday 11 May 2012

because we have to!

This was 2003, mid-July and we where somewhere in La Mancha, in a town called Villarrobledo in a Heavy-Metal festival.
It was 5pm and the sun was blazing, with no shadow to hide, but there we where...

HammerFall just started playing, they came from Sweden, Joacim Cans rode a Harley Davidson across the stage and he started singing the first song, we all sang along, we all had fun.

When the song was over, Joacim looked at us, the people that had gathered at the festival to hear them sing, and he said:

"It is so hot out here! ... with all the sun... and all out leather jackets and dark clothes we wear"

we where silent, listening to him.

"But we have to! Yeah, because we are HEAVY METAL FANS!!!"

and we all shouted, we all did the sign of the horns, we all agree, we where a fellowship, we where heavy metal fans, and boy, we where sweating.

Now I work as a professional software tester since 2008, and I'm starting a blog in english, this one. I already co-write another one, but that is written in spanish, and even that I know some nice people that might read my posts if they where written in spanish, I think that as testers, our craftsmanship is jelled in english.

I wont tell why I should write a blog. Pradeep already has done that, and since he did it in english, I can read and understand what he is saying, this is why I'm writing one in english too. For me this is a challenge, and I think that wherever this road may lead me, I'll learn something new along the way.

This blog will be about software testing, and maybe about children, and maybe about motorcycles and music, and maybe about friends and experiences.

I just don't know yet, I just hope to get knowing along the way.

But I'm starting this blog, because I'm a software tester, because we have to!

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