Monday 26 December 2022

Looking back to 2022

 But wait, did I ever write a recap about 2021? I think not, so let´s do it...

I started 2021 hiring more testers for our team in Voicemod. We did build a fairly good automated testing solution for not only testing the interface, but also testing sound effects and voice filters.

And we did met, for a remote team like ours this was a great event! We went to Madrid to spend a day working together, and if  I´m going to pick a memory of my working year, it might be this one.

But I was ambitious about growing into a team lead, and my manager had a different view, so by the end of the year I left the company and started a new chapter as consultant with Amaris.

Uh, and we sold the Vespa, after owning it 20 years.

We did a trip to Morella, and while crossing the mountains of the Maestrat I understood that I was being too audacious with this little old bike.

So the way of getting a new bike was to sell the old one, and fill in the void with a second Honda Rebel.

And this is how 2022 started.

I work for Mantu, along with another 50K friends, but the teams I log into has 75 members, and for the projects I´m engaged in, I would share things with 4 to 6 people, so it is manageable.

We have an office in Valencia, that is 10 minutes away from where I live, and yet I work from home most of the days. If the client, and my team will be elsewhere, going to the office to spend the day doing videoconferences does not make sense.

My projects have been around training new testers and doing consultancy. I been doing some performance testing, some quality assessment and some team leading.

My wife and I we keep riding, we did a summer trip to the Pyrenees, this time from Seu d'Urgell to NerĂ­n, and a few weekend trips, sometimes just for a coffee and a view.

On summer the whole family went to France, and visited Normandy and Bretagne on a two week road trip with the car.

Traditions are made by repeating something overtime, in our case, a roadtrip in summer is becoming a family tradition, and I´m fine with that.

I haven´t blogged this year, even that I do keep my diary to date, and my approach with the blog is changing, I do feel like posting stuff, but also I don´t feel like broadcasting the writings, at least not these personal posts.

2023 is starting with plans, work, and projects. Not bad.

Saturday 19 November 2022


 Last time I checked Twitter, it made me feel like an old man, sitting on a bench, close to another old one, who happened to still be on the bench close to me.

Not that we were close friends, not that we did great things together...

We both had better times in the past, we both did great things...

But at the end, Twitter is just a social network. They would show me ads, promoted tweets, and sometimes I would find an interesting thread that would bring me elsewhere.

Yes, I been there for 11 years, yes that seems a long time, yes I made wonderful connections with people, but I've seen people I liked leave the network, and I've seen a lot of things I didn't really like happening there, so the good old times seem both good and old these days.

And as I write this short post, loggin in to twitter to complain about how the old days were does not make sense either.

One day I will be an old man, but there is no hurry, I don't need to go to the bench.

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