Saturday 19 November 2022


 Last time I checked Twitter, it made me feel like an old man, sitting on a bench, close to another old one, who happened to still be on the bench close to me.

Not that we were close friends, not that we did great things together...

We both had better times in the past, we both did great things...

But at the end, Twitter is just a social network. They would show me ads, promoted tweets, and sometimes I would find an interesting thread that would bring me elsewhere.

Yes, I been there for 11 years, yes that seems a long time, yes I made wonderful connections with people, but I've seen people I liked leave the network, and I've seen a lot of things I didn't really like happening there, so the good old times seem both good and old these days.

And as I write this short post, loggin in to twitter to complain about how the old days were does not make sense either.

One day I will be an old man, but there is no hurry, I don't need to go to the bench.

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