Monday 14 January 2013

Out of the loop

For two weeks I been on vacations, quite out of the loop.

And it has been great! Kids decided to grow up. Aksel started walking by his own, Karen is a lady who can dress up by herself and Erik has found out that he can read, and that superpower can be used anytime anywhere!

I got time for taking coffee with old friends and for taking long walks, I think I managed to complete all the stuff I wanted that was not related with a computer :) how great is that!

We also went out for a ride, you know, you are not a biker if you don't ride... just as you are not a tester if you're not testing.

This year 2012 has been awesome. In may I went to London to do the RST training with Michael Bolton and also I was lucky enough to meet Tony Bruce on the London Tester Gathering. On october I went to the Barcelona Testing Open Session where I fired myself as a speaker. I am also being accepted as student on the Miagi-do, we'll see how that goes.
Working as fellow tester in Peertransfer has been a great oportunity to learn a lot of things, just to know that there is so much more to know out there. 

Plans for 2013 also looks great. We are setting up the Valencia Tester Gathering with a little help of many friends. Also the Let's test and Eurostar conferences are on my radar for this year... we'll see how this goes.

So, I wish you a happy 2013, it's good to be back.

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