Thursday 10 October 2013

If it seems easy...

It's been over a year since my wife got her bike driving license and she´s been doing fine using the Vespa for her daily commute. But use a bike to get early to work is not really riding a bike, so this weekend we went out for a ride.

We rented a second Vespa and headed to Dos Aguas, following a twisty road but really fun to ride. Once we got there, my wife told me: ¨You know, It is really a different thing when you are riding by your own. I had to think and decide how fast I wanted to go on every turn, what gear to use and how to line up for the next curve, or it could end really bad!¨

And I think she is right... if you think riding a bike is easy, well, try to do so.

If somebody tells you that testing is easy, then ask them to plan some testing, to perform the test, to understand the results of the test, and to write a test report, and to communicate the test results to the developer and the product manager.

And by the same logic, if you think writing user stories is easy, or writing code, or taking the phone to do support, or doing the accounting stuff, or whatever seems to be easy...

Maybe then, you should try it by yourself and find out how easy it happens to be.

For us two, going for a ride was not an easy thing, but we did it and we had a great experience...


...Just because we tried.

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