Sunday 12 January 2014

Support your local

When you are riding a bike, on the open road, and you meet another biker going on the opposite direction, you salute him, it's something like this..


After all, you are both on the same road, feeling the same, be it cold or warm, and this is the sign of fellowship and respect we all understand.

Some bikers also like to ride together with other fellow riders, some do it occasionally, and some made a living out of this.

But all groups have something in common, they have supporters. Somebody who helps the group achieve higher goals that any individual could get by his own. In the case of bikers, they use to have the form of mechanics, pubs, bike dealers, sponsors and you can identify those when they have some kind of 'Support your local' badge or sticker.

Back to the testing community, as it happens with the bikers, the local testing community in Valencia (Spain) where I live is mostly around a meeting called trobatest every 4 months, and a yearly conference with the name of VLCTesting.

I do support those events, because they give me the chance to salute other fellow testers, talk with them, learn from them, and have fun.

So, if you live near my town, please join us on our next sessions, we will be glad to see you.
And if you live somewhere else, well then, I invite you to support your local community, and participate on whatever related to testing happens.

If there is no testing community where you live, and you are reading this far, congratulations!, because you are your local testing community and you are welcome to start thinking about what to do to support it. You get the point, right ?

Somehow, somebody from Copenhagen in Denmark got this point and started a conference, where the talks looks great, the price is affordable, and travelling to Copenhagen in January happens to be possible, so despite not being my local community, I will be there... supporting their local testing group.

*About the pictures, I found the bike wave pic here and the Support you local badge here

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