Monday 2 June 2014

The #greentester contest.

Last month, the guys from Eurostar came up with a challenge to win a ticket to Eurostar.

This was the contest.

When I saw this, and as I was wearing a green t-shirt, I submitted my first pic, right from the office.
Guess were I've been!

I already had a chance, and this should be good enough, but rules didn't say anything about sending just one picture, and the next weekend, as we were playing in the park with kids and cousins, this one came out:
Support your team.

Two weeks passed and people started sending really good pictures, so now I was thinking about elaborating a better one. So I thought about giving a chance to the bike, and how to shoot a picture while riding it, and where to do it.

One morning, I took a small diversion on my way to the office, and went to a nice spot outside the city. I set up the camera and recorded a video while I was passing in front of the camera.
Out from that video came this picture:
It's a long way...
It might not result in the best picture of the world, but it was fun trying it out.

Then one night, I saw this video about how to fake a famous picture, and decided to give it a try. My model was David Hobby's portrait picture:
The Strobist.

I had the mac, and instead the sodas, I had a RedBull and a empty Baby bottle, so I started experimenting with the lights...
Test1 Test2 ...

 At the end, The one that I liked the most:
Make it green!
And? did I win? Hell no!, Maybe I got close, but +Michael Larsen submitted an awesome picture that got the price.

And about getting to the conference, well, I guess I could pay to get there, as +Jesper Lindholt Ottosen wrote, Left to my own devices ... I probably would.

The funny thing is that this happened before, last year I tried to get to Eurostar submitting a picture, and both Jesper and I almost got the price.

Learning and experimenting is what makes sense of trying things out, so next time I get the chance, I will be testing... and looking to the camera!

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