Monday 17 November 2014

Mobile Testing with Stephen Janaway

This November I went back to Brighton.

Rosie Sherry and The Ministry of Testing have come up with two weeks of awesome training events, but given my limited budget, I had to choose one day to attend, so this time I went for the Mobile Testing day.

The trip went just fine, as I bought my tickets early, I could have a cheap flight from our sunny small town airport in Valencia... the big and rainy one in Gatwick.

Once in Brighton, this training thing had two different events, One was attending the training day, and the other was hanging out with testers.

Mobile Testing with Stephen Janaway.

For this training session we sat down in groups in big round tables, so we had plenty of space to talk and to take notes. Stephen had some slides supporting his talk, and there were whiteboards so we could draw things at the exercise times.

We talked among others about:
What mobile was about, and why we should test on mobile.
What mobile testing was about.
What submitting to app stores was like.
How to approach to Mobile Testing automation.
Why you should test on the train instead of the office.

We did some work about:
Drawing a mindmap about how we would test a app that would take pictures.
Ponting out differences on the same app while running on different OS.
Testing real life apps looking for real life bugs.

At the end, testing is still testing, so when it's about a feature, all learnings and knowledge a functional tester has are valid.
But because it is hosted on this mobile device, the context changes and impacts a lot, this requires to focus on it, understand how it impacts and spend time testing it.

It's not just a device with a smaller screen.

If you are interested in mobile testing, I can recommend you this video and this book, as well as joining Stephen in his next training session wherever that might be.

Hanging out with Testers.

Because these training days are happening in a row, it happens that if you reserve some spare time, you can hang out with the testers that came for the previous day session, and with those who are to join the next one, so I had the chance to meet a nice bunch of testers.

I had a great time in Brighton,  and I'm really looking forward for Testbash2015

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