Wednesday 3 December 2014

What I got back from EuroStar - The Internet of things.

Since I attended the EuroStar conference, I would like to write down a little about talks I went to, just to put together notes, pictures and toughs.

The Internet of Things by Andy Stanford-Clark @andysc 

Andy explained to the audience what the so called 'Internet of things' is about connecting to the internet devices that traditionally didn't have connectivity.

This idea is hitting the big industry, and he used his own example of how his family is measuring their home energy consumption, how he collects the data, analyse it and learn things out from it.

To put it short, he developed a series of devices so he would track the electricity consumption, open windows, weather forecast, temperature, mousetraps and some system behind that would tweet any news regarding his home. (things like "living room window has been open for 3 hours", or "Mouse trap in studio just caught a mouse", you get the idea...)

And over the layer of measurements, he added another layer of intelligence, so his home would tweet advice to set the washing machine on, based on current electricity consumption and a good weather forecast.

What he was explaining, is that business of any kind need to find new ways to deal with customers. Be that by connecting devices to the internet, offering services in the cloud, by managing data or by providing intelligence.

He explained us how his future was like, and he warned us, that one day, your toilet is going to suggest you to visit the doctor, and your insurance company is going to offer you such a toilet.

What I got out of it:
I loved to see how Andy was able to put together simple solutions to deal with a complex problem, that's engineering at its best state. I also got a curiosity about how much energy our home is consuming, and I'm considering trying out some the stuff that can be found at efergy or opendomo.

PD. I found a similar talk Andy gave at a TEDx event, it's not exactly the same, but it might be worth 16 minutes of your life.


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