Thursday 7 May 2020

My last day at Flywire

Yesterday was my last day in Flywire.

How does it feel to be laid off after 8 years working in the same company, the same project, along with the same friends?

Ah, it feels strange, yes the company has given me good exit conditions, yes there was no drama in all the process, yes we are still friends.

But I liked my job there, I liked it more than my exit process.

Looking back, we did a great job, I joined the team when we were 25, and left when we were almost touching the sky.

I got the chance to travel, to develop my career as a Software Tester and as a Product Manager above any expectation I could have when I joined the company.

I had the chance to meet awesome people, inside the company, and getting to events, conferences and trainings.

All those experiences, from sunsets in the Caribbean to sunrises in a frozen Gulf of Finland, from the San Francisco bay, to the bar close to the office.

I got the chance to grow a team, to help other teams grow, to try developing all kind of new skills.

I always saw this job as an adventure, and all adventures come to an end, so that new adventures can start.

My days at Flywire are over, some of my stories will be around for a while, the friendships will last forever.


  1. Grande Jokin! Se te echará de menos.
    Aquí tienes un amigo.

    1. y uno de los buenos!

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  3. Gracias Jokin por todo lo que nos has enseñado. Tu punto de vista siempre desde una originalidad magistral. Hay mucho de ti en la base de esta compañía. 1000 gracias

  4. Think that lots of students have achieved their dreams thank to your work. This should be your principal remind of Flywire and also the friends you still have there. Here one.
    Victor Gil


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