Tuesday 2 October 2012

One piece at a time

Last winter I bought a LEGO airplane for my kid. I had the box waiting for a rainy Sunday evening, and when that happened, we spent the evening putting pieces together. But as winter was gone, the pieces ended up in a box, with many others, and the instruction sheet was also gone for good.

But somehow, the pieces remained in the box, and this weekend my kid and I talked about building that plane again.

So we downloaded the instructions from the LEGO site and today we where supposed to build it up again.

Once I got back from the office, we opened the laptop with the instructions, we searched in the box for some pieces and there we went...

But we had not all the time of the world, so at some point I guess I started building the plane by myself, you know, just to get that done.

Then this 4 years old fellow told me... " Dad, I got an idea, how about you giving me the pieces so I can put them together. Just explain me how I have to do it, and I'll get it done."

Darn it! he was right, I knew how to build it, but it was not me who wanted to learn, that was him gently asking for it.

I passed what I had in my hands to him, and started searching in the box for the next pieces.

After some time, we managed to get all the pieces and build the plane. For this, we both where proud.


Being a tester is a constant need to learn. Because there is so much you just don't know, that at least you should be learning something in order to become a better tester, and to get proud of the work you are able to deliver. And to learn, you need to practice, and you also need somebody to teach you, to help you think.

Rob "Social tester" Lambert has written a series of posts in his blog about testing a website. Each one of those articles are about something to take care, or something to know when you should be testing. And not enough of this, he has putted all the 36 pieces in a box, in a free ebook that you can download over here:


I was folowing the blog for some time, and I even opened some bugs with the advices found there, so all I can say is...

Thank you Rob for finding the pieces and passing them over.

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