Sunday 4 November 2012

How to do a conference.

This month I will be attending two events. the Barcelona Testing Open Day and the VLC Testing. So while I'm riding the train to the first on them, and given the effort of attending to them, here goes the list of the things that you should do when attending to any testing event.

First of all, this list is not mine, is Matt Heussers, so I'm just writing it down here for my pleasure of reviewing the points.

Find the original here.

Before the conference:
Read the brochure.
Pick up a 'vibe'.

Find a problem the conference might solve.
Attend with the intention of learning a solution.

During the conference:
Get the information you need
Conferences are for conferring, don't forget that.
Focus on your mission, not in the conference agenda.

On the ride back home:
pick three things you should do different based on what you have learned at the conference

Think about it!

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