Thursday 29 August 2013

Tester in the kitchen

So, it happens that the Software Testing Club is offering you a free ticket to Eurostar. All you need to do is publish a selfie foto and send the link to the STC, and then wait for things to happen.

This is my chance to get the price.

This is my in my nightly workplace, during the day we call it kitchen, but since we have 3 small kids around, the quietness that we enjoy once they are asleep is priceless, so this spot is perfect to not wake someone up.

Also, the fridge is really close!

18 Sep. Small update: The pic got it´s way and it is one of the chosen for the final run at ministry of testing ... So much fun!

17 Oct. Small update: Michael Herrman finally got the ticket, congratulations man, have a fun time and write a proper blog post :)

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