Tuesday 24 September 2013

The trip to Brighton

I just went to Brighton to meet Michael Bolton and his one day Rapid Software Testing for Managers training course, Let me tell you how this happened.

Back in August I was thinking about getting to Eurostar, you know, Europe's most important testing conference, this years programme is impressive, but important and expensive have quite similar meanings.

As I have a budget with a limit, I found out that the whole conference was quite too much for me, but maybe I could go to the tutorials, after all, James Bach was going to talk about Rapid Test Management And Pradeep Soundararajan was going to talk about Context Driven Mind Mapping, exciting tutorials, just a bit important for me.

But then I had to get there, and here I found another learning, that the world is divided in levels of travel expenses.
The first level, is where I can get by train or by a single low cost air ticket, so, since I live in Valencia (Spain), cities like Barcelona, Madrid, Malta, London, Paris… are places that are easy to get there.
Next level is where I need to get two low cost air tickets, and flying to Gothemburg was on the next lever, then book some hotel room and plan some cash for expenses as lunch and dinner… It could not be done.

Then Rosie published at The Ministry a training course, in Brighton, with Michael Bolton about Rapid Software Testing for Managers in one day for 200 GBP, it sounded quite similar to the tutorial James Bach was going to give, it might not be the same, but it was affordable, so there I went.

At the end, for the price of a low cost flight and a comfy hotel room for two nights, I got the chance to meet Michael and to know Rosie, Richard, Stephen and many other testers that got to the same place. 

We talked about testing, bugs, estimations, relationships, the reality steamroller, estimations, management, lack of management, lazy developers, estimations again, testers education, hiring testers, broken systems that works for somebody, Jerry Weinberg, more about estimations, the three reasons you need to justify bullshit, the testing vortex, how to write test reports, what a testing career looks like… and as it happens, things that were talked made me think about how I am delivering my work and how I can do better.

After the training we went to a pub for some beers, and after some talk and more beers I consider that it was good enough for me and headed back to the Hotel.

I see bugs...
I think the way to get out of Zombieland is by letting you curiosity grow and getting trained, and while some trainings are too important to get there, this does not mean that there is no way, people like Rosie are organizing small events like this one, and I feel proud of being able to join and support such initiatives.

Now I am thinking in a way to meet Pradeep... So, what's your plan?


  1. Sorry I wasn't able to meet you although I was a train ride away from Brighton. I am glad you enjoyed the trip and it was worthwhile making an effort to meet twitter friends in person. Keep up the good work

    1. Thank you Sir! There will be more times I get back to Brighton, and I hope we'll meet soon.
      Are you coming to Bilbao to QA&Test conference?

  2. combine





    1. Thanks Jesper, I really missed my camera this time, but since having a portfolio of pictures from similar events is a thing to consider, I guess I'll get a bigger backpack for the next trip.

  3. It was great to meet, though I'm a bit sad I forgot to give you the extra stickers! Still, you seemed happy - http://www.flickr.com/photos/rosiesherry/9900365773/ :)

    1. I didn't seem, I WAS happy! as for the stickers, save them for Test Bash 2014, I just got a ticket :)


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