Wednesday 18 December 2013

6 Rules for a successful Bakery.

This morning, I went to a bakery just around the corner...

...and I got some breakfast to the office.

Just because it's Friday, and just because I like the stuff they produce, let me explain you why I think they do fine in 6 points.

- Making fresh bread is not a industrial process. It could be, it is for Bimbo bread, but they produce +30 kinds of bread and there is no machine that can do that. They don't either buy frozen dough because the quality is below their standards.

- Bread is done by people. In the bread making process there is the manual feel of how the dough is doing, taste to check if more salt is needed and then some automated process, like the heat of the oven that is required for the overall process.

- Balance between technical and commercial departments. They do the bread on a big back room, and then they sell it in a comfy shop. And they got a nice balance on the sizes of both, because they know how they are important for the business.

- Know good practices, search for quality. They travel to conferences and exhibitions to learn about the craft, the lady that runs the business once told me that the best bread is done in Germany, and how she would like to do so many kinds of bread as she has seen there, but since there is no demand, she has to stay to what the local customers want.

- Knowing that there is one kind of bread for one kind of customers. And they want each one of them to find the right kind.

- Be constant, get better, learn to do better. I been into this shop for about 7 years, and observed they have a quite low clerk rotation, I would guess to say that for a staff of 5, I have seen 1 shift every 2 years. low rotations are significant, because people that work there know that they are in better conditions that at other places, and choose to stay.

Now, if you change bread for software you have the talk that +Javier Garzás gave at the VLCTesting 2013, The points of this post came out of his talk, and I just wanted to share a good place I know to buy a croissant.

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