Thursday 12 December 2013

Cruise control

Last week I saw for the first time the new BMW GS 1250, An engineering masterpiece produced by BMW that looks like this:

I can't tell how it feels like riding, but it must be close to riding a Battle Horse.

I spent some minutes observing the bike, and one of the things that got my attention was that it has a cruise control button.

A cruise control is basically a device that you can set up to a certain speed, and once it's set it does not allow you to ride faster than that.

So, here is the paradox: BMW produced the most powerful boxer engine ever since 1896 and then they also put this little button so you can tell the bike that you really don't want to go faster, because you think that this way you will ride better.

Here in peertransfer we changed from scrum to kanban some time ago, and while this was a powerful change, we still had some trouble when the queues got more stories than we were feeling comfortable, so this week we added our own cruise control.

So we have set a Work In Progress Limitation for each queue, and quite a tight one!, and we will experiment to see how this works, what kind of problems we find and what kind of solutions we are able to come out with. But the idea is to prioritize developing better software, instead of delivering as much as possible.

Fun times, can't wait to tell how this goes.

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