Friday 14 August 2015

Sometimes you have to let things go. (Bye ISTQB)

This past two weeks we have been on a family roadtrip, all the way from Valencia to London.

When you are driving, you get into a mental flow, where your ideas get connected in strange ways, so the thing went like this...

At some point, while I was driving down some nice highway in France, it started to rain heavily, so much I could barely see the car that was in front of me.
But the lights of the car was the only thing I could actually see, so I decided to stay there, at a safe distance from the car, and follow those red lights until the weather would get better.
Given the context I was in, it seemed the best option.

Then, when the storm stopped, when I was able to drive by my own, I mentally thanked this unknown driver for helping me this part of the trip, and for not falling down any bridge while I was blindly following him.

That night, once in the Hotel, I checked quickly the email, and saw this rutinary email from linkedIn telling me that somebody is seeing my profile. This happens from time to time, and I usually don't pay attention to this message.

But wait, what if they are in a middle of a storm, looking for somebody to follow, what is they are looking for advice, what if they see that I have the ISTQB certificate.

They might think it was worth, when it wasn't.

I paid too much money, for a bad training and a useless certificate. Yes, I learnt something, yes, I met other people...

But I have learnt a lot more in other trainings and conferences.
And I have met a great community in those events.

So it's time to let it go, just in case somebody chooses to follow me for a short time, at least it won't be in that wrong direction.

And since ISTQB won't return any money as it happens to be a lifetime** certificate, at least I am deleting that line from my LinkedIn profile.

*The picture is not mine, I found it in this blog.
**For this lifetime, I am the son of my father, and I am the father of my sons, and no ISTQB certification shall compete with that.

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