Monday 2 November 2015

List of 5 Books about Testing from James Bach

Last month I got the chance to meet James Bach in a Rapid Software Testing training in Newcastle UK.

This training feels like catching grapes in a sandstorm as Greg said, because a lot of information is being exposed, and you are going to catch a fragment of it.

So I took notes :)

One of the conversations that happened was on books about testing. James said that some were misleading people to don't understand what testing was about.

So I asked James for a list of 5 books he though were pointing in the right direction:

An introduction to General Systems Thinking, by Jerry Weinberg.

Tacit and Explicit knowledge, by Harry Collins.

A Practitioners Guide to Software Test Design, by Lee Copeland*

Exploring Requirements, by Jerry Weinberg.

Perfect Software (And other illusions about testing), by Jerry Weinberg.

Six Thinking Hats, by Edward de Bono.

*In my notes I got a book called Software Test Techniques by Lee Copeland, but the only book I managed to find is this one.
** Yeah, those are not 5 books.

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