Friday 29 July 2016

Training a Corsair.

Spain has one of the largest forest areas in Europe, around 32% according wikipedia.

When the weather gets hot and dry, wildfires are a terrible issue. Not only the ecological damage that comes after each wildfire, but they also have a economical damage to the surrounding areas, as nobody likes to hike a burnt forest.

The Spanish Air Force has a unit called 43 Grupo who fly the Canadair/Bombardier CL215T / CL415  hidroplanes, they fly beyond standard safe flying rules, they follow their own rules, they call themselves the "Corsairs of the 43th"

When pilots get to the group from the pilot school or from other units, they already know how to fly, but not how to fly this plane, under these conditions, close to the ground, close to the flames and whiling to drop 6 Tons of water over the right spot.

Then they become copilots and learn by flying how to master their aircraft, and once they have been flying enough, and have a certain experience with wildfires, they get the training to become first pilots.

They don't wait for turnover to train people, the understand that it is better to have two experienced pilots flying the craft, than having many newcomers around.

One month has passed since MC joined flywire.

In this time we have been working together in coding skills, testing issues, reporting bugs, knowing people around, understanding the business, telling old stories about pricing matrices and partners in India and making plans to get to testing conferences.

We also spent time watching talks and reading books that would help us shape the kind of testing we do, the things that are important for us as testers.

Rob Sabourin, Values in Testing:
Rob Lambert, Remaining Relevant
James Bach, Winning our reputation
Chase Jarvis, Cheap camera challenge

Lessons Learned in Software Testing.
Learn Ruby the hard way.
Perfect Software, and other illusions.
The Leprechauns of Software Engineering

And all this on the first month, not bad for a young corsair.

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