Tuesday 13 December 2016

My first 5 years in flywire

The other day we were driving around, and I noticed the odometer marking 99,960 km.
- Hey, check this out, we are 40 km left to make it to 100K
- And what will happen next?...
This was the question of our 9yo, always sharp to make questions to understand the context.
- Well, we will celebrate and then move on, continue our trip and when we make it to the 200K mark, we'll celebrate again.

This week I'm passing my first 5 years in flywire, I guess this is my celebration post before moving on and continue testing stuff.

The first week after joining the company I wrote a post about 5 differences from my previous job.
- I would have to write code for myself.
- We follow the agile principles.
- I have a laptop, and I don't have to punch in and out every day.
- There is a training budget, and I can choose where to spend it.
- This is an nice office with windows.
- I'm back to writing on a blog.

Looking back, there are some things I was not aware then, and I feel like writing them down.

- This is not just a job, this is an adventure. Like all adventures, some parts are fun, some aren't.
- There are a lot of nice people working in this company, and I can not tell how many times we managed to fix issues because of this, smart people trying their best to improve and to adapt.
- We have a delicate balance between many cultures, many ways to understand how to run a business, many challenges in communicating and coordinating, many things we want to do, many challenges we want to overcome.
- I still stand for what I wrote two years ago about what working in a startup was like, now we're just more people & more fun.

And also,  I keep learning new things every day about software, how to test it and about the people who develops and uses our product, so you know what?

Can't wait for the next 5 years and see where we might get.

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