Thursday 5 January 2017

Looking back to 2016

Here goes a post about how 2016 went. (Short story, hey, it has been great!).

We started the year with a hell of a party. Celebrating success when it happens is a great thing to do, bring on new challenges!

We managed to get Adrian (the father of the hacknight) to our office, so he got to know Miguel (the kid from the hacknight).

We went to Brighton(UK) for TestBash!

And I joined John Stevenson while Testing in the Pub.

We passed the BBST Foundations test!

We delivered our talk about 'Hiring testers from a small City' in ExpoQA Madrid, There is a recorded version of this talk both in English and Spanish.

I got visit! Gina & Santhosh came all the way to Valencia and we ended up drinking a beer together.

We hired MC! now we are three testers on the Flywire dev team.

This summer, the family went for a awesome road trip, so we visited Tudela, Bordeaux, Paris, Arnhem (That bridge, you know), Berlin, Prague, Vienna, Venice, Milan, Genoa and Perpignan. Good old Europe.

Because the dev team is growing a lot, we did a retreat out in the country.

I took the family on a trip to Boston, two weeks living in a house, driving a v6, shopping in a mall, discovering what living in the States is like.

With Tomislav, we delivered a talk about training testers and building testing communities at the local testing conference.

And at the end of this awesome year, I got tired of the beard, and we suited up one day just for fun.

We also tested features, deployed code to production, processed more payments than ever, hosted our TestNights, solved some of the problems that got out of the blue...

... And made plans to make 2017 another awesome year.

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